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Being intoxicated, put in the most simple terms, is when any stimulus becomes enhanced and intensified. Little things such as the full moon that I can see tonight becomes much more interesting and exaggerated than it would normally be in a sober state. The human mind is such an intense and complicated organ that we as a human race have not yet scratched the surface to discover what it is capable of. My point to this blog being, no matter what your substance of choice is: alcohol, weed, hallucinogenics or whatever else, is enhancing something which is already so complicated that we as a race have not even scratched the surface of. Just try and get your head around that…ba dum tssss!

Women are never easy to deal with. Their fluctuation of emotions due to their uncontrollable hormones can make you the best and worst person in their eyes at any given moment. In fact, in some rare cases, these exquisite creatures will even admit to their deliriums and even turn on themselves. This makes them even more difficult to deal with at times. But then there comes a time when for reasons you can’t even explain, they make it all worth it. You are beautiful, wonderful and inadmissible all at the same time, but I wouldn’t have you any other way. I love you for exactly who you are. Never forget that.

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